All My Disciples Suck!

Chapter 448

Chapter 448: Killed with one slap? (Part 1)

“What the hell?” The Heavenly Pill monster was a bit confused.

When it discovered that the one who charged the fastest was an eight-mark demon, the Heavenly Pill monster was not only angry, but also frightened!

The bear demon was feeling a life and death crisis.

This meant that the opponent had enough strength to kill him!

Therefore, the Heavenly Pill monster immediately used its strongest blow!

It just hoped that this blow could temporarily repel the opponent and give it a chance to breathe!


Slapped to death?



The Heavenly Pill monster lowered his head carefully to check the ground, and looked at the black thing before it was convinced.


The eight-mark demon race who seemed to be stronger than it was undeniably and without a doubt dead!

As for the group of humans following him…

Although it didn’t know why, they were hit together.

Yes, it was like that.

The Heavenly Pill demon beast thought for a while, changed his posture, and continued to guard the six-petal osmanthus.

Everything just now, maybe… was just an illusion?

At this time, the one who was more confused than the giant Heavenly Pill monster was Lose Half in the Beginning, who was standing in the Spirit War Chariot waiting for his resurrection.


“Why? It’s fine if I get shot!

“Why are those human NPCs so weak? Damn, Brother Ming was stronger than them when he was at the Foundation Establishment Realm!

“Could it be a group of fake NPCs?”

Lose Half vomited, really vomited.

My flawless plan of fooling NPCs into working for me… just started, but it’s already over!

He didn’t expect that the group of NPCs was so weak!

More than a hundred masters of the Sea Wheel Realm!

Why was Zoro a lot better even though he was just at the Sea Wheel Realm?


If Yan Shuang and the others were still alive, they would definitely use their last strength to ask Lose Half!

“You are a fake eight-mark demon! Why can’t you stand up to a single blow!”

At the same time… another teleportation array in the wilderness place.

A flash of light!

Yan Zhi, the new Great Elder of the Flame Sect, walked out slowly with hundreds of masters.

Flame Sect launched a total of three consecutive attacks on He Yiming’s sect!

The last wave was led by the leader of the Flame Sect himself, gathering the main force of the Flame Sect!

The second wave was led by the Flame Sect’s chief guest minister, commanding 80,000 mid-level cultivators and young disciples from various sects and families in the Fire Region.

As the first wave of pioneers, they took two teleportation arrays respectively.

One was the secret teleportation array known only by the Flame Sect and the Holy Prison Land, which was the one that Yan Shuang took.

The other one was the one that Yan Zhi led the team to leave now! He Yiming and Wang Ping went through this teleportation formation before.

“Remember, everyone in He Yiming’s sect must be slaughtered this time, but He Yiming cannot!”

“Where are we going?”

“That is, we eliminated all the enemies in one go, and the credit is all ours!”

More than a hundred masters chatted happily, and walked out of the canyon.


Yan Zhi led more than a hundred masters and saw five huge figures who had obviously squatted in front of him waiting for someone for a long time!

Each of them was thousands of meters in size!

The five Heavenly Pill monster!

“Hey, here we come! Sister Brilliant is talking about these guys?”

“Fortunately, they are all a bunch of scum, and the speed is wiped out! This is considered to have completed the mission of Sister Baoyan!”

“Eldest sister is very strong, but now, she has become synonymous with terror! The five of us teamed up are completely invincible, so let’s be honest and obedient! I don’t want to be roasted into charcoal!”

The first heavenly pill quickly finished the discussion, and they all locked on Yan Zhi and the others in front of them.

The reason why the five Heavenly Pill was squatting here is because it was threatened by the female fire dragon Brilliant!

Brilliant did this after listening to He Yiming’s words.

He Yiming had speculated a long time ago that maybe someone would target the Extremely Desolate Region where he was, and it would be… reasonable to arrange for the five Heavenly Pill monster to receive him, right?


Yan Zhi cried directly, then turned around and wanted to run!

It’s a pity…

Facing the five Heavenly Pill monsters who had been waiting for a long time, Yan Zhi, who was only at the peak of the Sea Wheel Realm, obviously thought too much!

In less than half a stick of incense… the master group led by Yan Zhi was wiped out! It became a temporary extra meal for the five heavenly pill monster, the kind that couldn’t fill its stomach…

At this time in the Thousand Mountain Region next to the Extremely Desolate Region, which was on a huge hill.

Tens of thousands of people were gathering here.

Constantly people arrived at this hill through the teleportation array, and then quickly gathered for rectification.

The leader of the team was none other than Flame Sect’s chief guest official, Zheng Ke!

As a half-step Heaven Pill master, Zheng Ke alone could stand up to Yan Shuang and his master group of more than a hundred people.

Therefore, although Zheng Ke’s commander had as many as 80,000 subordinates, Zheng Ke was the only one who was really strong. Other than that, there were only six early stage Sea Wheel Realm masters, who were the heads of six families and sects.

Of the rest, more than 5,000 were cultivators at the Foundation Establishment Realm, and the remaining 75,000 were disciples of the Spirit Vein Realm.

After all, Zheng Ke’s task was not to attack fortifications, but to carry out raids and encirclement!

It was after Yan Zhi and Yan Shuang stepped into He Yiming’s sect that they swept the entire Extremely Desolate Region like a carpet, and wiped out all possible remnants of He Yiming’s sect!

In itself, Zheng Ke’s mission was just in case, and he was dealing with a group of surviving remnants!

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