Death Guns In Another World

Chapter 1459 1306: A Way To Control The Sin's Side Effects

Alex's Sword Art.

First Form. 

Frost World!

The green light glimmering from Alex's blade severed through the crimson world. 

Alex's Sword Art, first technique, Frost World, severed the pouring rain of flame. It even advanced one step further.




In his distorted vision, a thin stream of blood gushed from the red dragon turtle's throat. Frost World had transcended the red dragon turtle's cognition and cut through its neck.


The red dragon turtle tried to step back in its panic, trying to hide its wound, but it was pointless. Frost World wasn't a technique that ended in a single strike.




A silver spiral dashed forward, following the blue trajectory. Glacier's pure coldness followed the flow of Frost World to pierce the red dragon turtle's neck.



The blade of coldness was also attributed could fast as well as if it was furnished with extreme quickness. Its speed didn't lose to the first attack, and the red dragon turtle gave away its neck, unable to react.




The red blood gushing from the red dragon turtle's neck extinguished the flames burning the land.



In the end, the red dragon turtle was unable to keep its balance and collapsed. The waterfall of ice that slashed its neck was the only thing remaining in the air.

After the fight, Alex sat on the ground exhausted.

It was then he heard some notifications.

[You've created a new technique.]


[The title 'Novice Creator' has been created.]


[You've accomplished something extraordinary.

All stats have increased by 100.

Additional 100 Bonus Points granted. ]

Alex's lips curved, he was satisfied with the gamble, no risk no gain. Alex hurriedly summoned his status window. 

[Alexander (Alex) Kael Touch]

Class: Magical Gunslinger 

Age: 21


Race: Royal Asura

Rank 16

Level 219 [False God] 

Experience Value (XP): 190000/1M 

MP: 43100/43100

SE: 25300/25200

Magic: Time/Space/Wind/Light/Darkness/Flame/Ice/Void/Silver Energy/Spirit/Lightning 

ATK: 12600

DEF: 11320

AGI: 10000

INT: 7400

LUK: 3290

BP: 100

SP: 16

Gifts: Death guns/Eternal Chain 

Skills: [Item box Level 4] [Swift Fingers Max] [Divine Sense Level 5] [Throwing knife Level 7] [Dual Wielding Level 2] [Knife Art Level 6] [Link Level 5] [Gunslinger Art Level Level 5] [Undying Body Level 10] [Mana Synchronisation Level 10 Max] [Special Attributes Bullet] (A/N: All the previous special bullets are combined into this skill for efficient.) [Mana Convergence Level 5] [Chain Art Level 5] [Spirit Art Level 1] [All Poisons Resistance Level 8] [Lightning Degree Level 3] [Night Walking Level 5] 

Special Abilities: [Language Comprehension][Danger Sense] [Overdrive] [Death's Eye] [Envisage] [Erase] [Magic Bullet] [Snatch] [Hellsing!!!] [Xerox] [Death Bullet (???)] [Absolute Time Domain] [Eye of Truth Level 10] [Royal Asura Forms] [Mana's Body] [Void Steps] [Devour] [Alter Ego] [Gun Art Ultimate Form: ???] [Reaper Chains] [Illusion World] [Nemesis's Eye] [Nemesis's Domain] [Eternal Domain] [Yydrassil's Blessing] [Asura's Devil's Eye] [D???????] (Currently sealed: Condition of unsealing, reaching the Higher World)

Unique abilities: Absolute Duo (A/N: Temporarily name until you help me find a better name).

Synchronization rate: 

[Luna Heart: 97%]

[Artemia Eretria Von Havens: 100%] (Perfect Synchronization reached) 

[Maria Alexia Rosares: 97%]I think you should take a look at

[Sakuya Mio Hishimiya: 95%]

[Sera Olivia Wexon: 100%] (Perfect Synchronization reached) 

[Gracier Alexandra Touch: 100%] 

[Kuina E. Foxia 100%] 

[Eris Wolfang 72%] 

[Lilith E. Astaroth 31%] 

[Incursio: 100%] [Perfect synchronization rate: 124%]

[Nemesis Silveria: 100%???] (Perfect Synchronization)

[Nyx: 22%]

[Noire: 40%]

[Saeko: 92%]

[Typhania E. Malia: 20%] ???

[Alice: 60%]

[Althea: 30%]


/Enhanced: Ability enabling its owner to convert the same skill into skill points and strengthen the same skill.

Possibility of generating a higher level skill if ESP is used to upgrade a skill.

????? (Conditions are not met for this to be unlocked)

??? (...)

ES (Enhanced Skill Point): 0


Titles: [Otherworlder] [The one whose fingers are faster than Flash] [The Reborn] [Shadow Nemesis] [The Destroyer] [Death Master] [The Irregular] [Child of Mana] [Slayer] [World Wolf owner] [Genius] [The One that saw] [Slaughterer] [Genius] [Copycat] [The Irregular] [Holy Elven Guardian] [Poison Immunity] [Fox Master] [Holy son of Destruction] [Progenitor] [God's Scammer] [Contractor of Sins] [Weapons Master] [Novice Creator](New)

Alex was satisfied with his increasing stats. As expected he gained a lot after eating the 10 thousand years old Willow King Tree's essence. He was glad he recovered all of his stats after leveling up, as for the unusual system's notification, Alex believed it must have been because he did something incredible, he was not in a hurry to learn more about this system, and he would eventually find out everything about it later upon ascending he thought. 

For now, he must check the new title description, which he did.

[Novice Creator 

The title was given to the young warrior, a seeker who created their martial art.

Effect: Power is increased, and mana as well as Spiritual Force (SE) consumption are decreased upon using the martial art that was created by the title bearer. A more detailed observation of other people's martial arts is possible.]


Just like the name Young Creator suggested, the title enhanced the martial art's power, which could be still lacking, and encouraged him to observe other people to learn even more.

Since Alex after unlocking Silveria's ultimate form was still going to make many different techniques in the future, he was really satisfied with the ability.

Silveria returned to her humanoid form and looked at Alex like she was looking at a monster.

''Seriously, you will always keep surprising me, to think you'll think of such a method, you're a freak.'' 

''Thank you for the compliment but you should reward me with something, for example, let's get physical.'' Alex flashed a naughty smile at Silveria who rolled her eyes at him.

''Fuck off!" 

'I'm your master, you should do everything I tell you.' This kind of thought rang through Alex's mind upon getting rejected.

He was almost enraged but he quickly controlled himself as he knew it was the side effect of the sin. 

A terrifying chill swept through his entire body. His spine was cold, and his scalp felt like it was going to explode. 

'What the actual fuck? These side effects are no joke. I thought less of them. I should be careful from now on, not to be led by them. I should control them not be controlled by the side effects of using the Seven Deadly Sin's weapons.' Alex secretly clenched his fists. It is an incredible power but with a cost, he must never get consumed by them, he should be the master not the slave to the side effects of the Seven Deadly Sins.

Silveria silently observed Alex who became silent, although she could accurately guess what he was thinking about, she had a bit about it. It was probably related to the side effects of using her Seven sin's form. 

As his woman before beyond his weapon, she wished to help him but was unable to do so. Suddenly, she got an idea to help him. He could use that special inner world, the Illusionnary Battlefield to train. 

''Alex come closer.'' Silveria beckoned him to come closer which he did. Leaning closer she whispered her idea into Alex's ear. 

Immediately upon learning about this brilliant idea, Alex's eyes shone and he smiled as if he had won a lottery ticket.

''Let's do it as you've suggested, I shall vent, I meant to train in the Illusionnary Battlefield to control better the side effects.'' 

It was what he said before sleeping in order to have access to the Illusionnary Battlefield, however upon reaching the Illusionnary Battlefield he did nothing but vent.


On a floor in the Illusionnary Battlefield, a forest, in the middle of this forest corpses littered the ground dying the earth in a crimson hue. A handsome man was standing in the middle of this chaos holding a red longsword and in front of him stood a shivering Oni with a half-broken horn. 

Suddenly, the trembling Oni gathered his courage and attempted and escape.

However, the handsome man didn't give the Oni a chance. He disappeared like a mirage under the moonlight and appeared behind him in almost an instant.

Then, as if mocking the trembling Oni he tossed the red longsword aside and grabbed the Oni's head, the young handsome man effortlessly plucked it like a turnip.

Indeed, he plucked it right off his body. There weren't many other words more suitable to describe what the young handsome man had just done.

Not having any idea of what had just happened. As the Oni ran with everything he had, he suddenly felt as if his body had become lighter. Then, he suddenly saw a figure in front of him, but why was it still running without a head?

As soon as that confusion emerged, he realized a horrifying possibility. Then, his entire consciousness completely sank into darkness.

The headless body ran for a while, then suddenly collapsed. Then, blood gushed out powerfully from its neck as it twitched endlessly on the ground.


Tossing this head aside Alex smiled cruelly. His heterochromia eyes were burning with wrath, he was not satisfied, and he wished for more.


Alex suddenly grunted before kneeling holding his head. 

''NOOOOO------- I shall never let them control me, get hold of yourself Kael.'' 

He massaged his temple before standing and with one arm raised the red longsword fled into his hand. 

There's no rest, he must train to control these side effects.


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