Lord Of The World: I Become The Lord Of The Desert From The Start

Chapter 1077 597: Xina Awakens - The Rise Of Abomination [2/3]

"I went to the sealed Chaos Divine Sin Land to strengthen this. I hoped to find more abomination power. But I found nothing. And then I saw a fragment of the future.

"A Chaos Divine Sin's heart has landed on the Mortal Plane!!"

The Decay King stood up abruptly and looked at Lolita in disbelief.

"How is that possible? The rules had long wiped the Chaos Divine Sins clean. How can there still be a heart?"

Lolita glanced at him.

"Stupid idiot.

"How many secrets do you know?"

She ignored the Decay King. The king's expression turned uglier. She continued.

"One of the chess pieces I laid out earlier happened to sense the aura of the Chaos Divine Sin's heart…"

The Decay King suppressed the emotions in his heart and spoke solemnly.

"Since you already know where the other party is, why are you still looking for me?"

The upper body of the elf on the hideous spider's body was elegant.

"Because…I sensed a rotting aura from the life form that obtained the Chaos Sin's heart."

"Rotten authority?"

The Decay King widened his eyes. The image of the god's ancient tree appeared in his mind. That turned his expression ferocious.

"That damned Grace Mainland Overlord! That lowly bastard!

"That worm got the heart of a Chaos Divine Sin?!"

Richard had snatched his authority. He ruined the plans he prepared for tens of thousands of years. He also obtained a treasure from their last encounter!

He recalled how Richard had become the ruler of the Abyssal Plane and was now in such dire straits that he did not dare to leave the temple. A strong sense of disparity arose in his heart.

The jealousy in his heart gushed out. The envy almost made him crazy!

"Damn it, damn it!"

The mockery in Lolita's eyes faded a little. Her tone sounded a little solemn.

"It is not simple to topple that Grace Mainland Overlord to get the Chaos Divine Sin's heart and to escape the devour the world transcends.

"Moreover, a space has vastly connected that overlord to the great ancient ones.

"Decay King, are you coming with me this time?!

"I only want the Chaos Divine Sin's heart. That rotten authority will be yours."

The Decay King did not hesitate at all. He gritted his teeth and said fiercely.

"Go! I will let that bastard know what pain is!"

Lolita nodded slowly.

"You only need to control the rotten authority at the critical moment to restrain the power the Chaos Divine Sin's heart had obtained. I will complete everything that comes next.

"The powers of the great ancient ones might intervene. You don't have to worry about it."

She wouldn't bring the Decay King with her if she had lost her authority. The situation had collapsed into an uncompromising state. Another helper could guarantee a stronger alliance. I think you should take a look at

She could still scapegoat if plans turned unsuccessful.

The Decay King calmed down. He glanced at Lolita.

An enormous pressure confused him to cooperate with this terrifying existence famous in the abyss. But he couldn't lose this opportunity. What if he could regain his authority?

What kind of situation was this?

"Your Excellency Lolita, are you sure that overlord still holds the rotten authority?"

Rose didn't stand during the ceremony.

"Otherwise, what value do you think you have to me?"

The Decay King toned down his anger. He also relaxed a little. He pondered and spoke afterward.

"May I know Her Excellency Lolita's plan?

"You should know the overlord restricted the rift that leads to the Mortal Plane. Only a limited power can pass through."

"That Grace Mainland Overlord grew at an amazing speed. We could alert him if we act rashly. That might not be a good thing if we don't have enough power to destroy him in one wave."

The Decay King couldn't underestimate the Grace Mainland Overlord after a series of defeats. The weak couldn't play him in their palms repeatedly!

Lolita said slowly, "I discovered that a god had nurtured a remarkable power during the last battle of the gods. That power couldn't be an authority, but it's not inferior to it. 

"I found a remarkable plane and nurtured the corpse of that god in it.

"The Grace Mainland Overlord will accidentally break into my arrangement later on. And then I could steal the heart."

The Decay King couldn't help but empathize with her. It was too similar. That worm had scammed him like this!

There was a hint of playfulness in her tone when she said this.

"I initially prepared to send that power into the Mortal Plane. That would allow it to obtain the recognition of the Mortal Plane's laws. I could earn a power comparable to that of authority when I regain that power! The other party doesn't know that.

"And the rules don't affect this power!"

That was why she hadn't attacked the Grace Mainland Overlord for so long.

She needed that power to mature naturally.

She had sensed just yesterday that the time was up. It was time to draw the net.

The Decay King stared at Lolita. And the last bit of worry in his heart mostly dissipated.

"What if the other party strongly controlled the power that you want?"

Lolita spoke casually.

"Isn't that better? A soul-strapping overlord would brew that power. It will not dissipate even if he dies."

The Decay King took a deep breath.

"Your Excellency, I'm willing to contribute my strength to you..."

Lolita nodded slowly.

"A wise choice."

She wanted to share some of the pressure with the Decay King. But more importantly, she wanted to see if he could regain authority.


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