Lord Of The World: I Become The Lord Of The Desert From The Start

Chapter 1099 607: Richard's Wrist, Exquisite Move [1/2]

Solan City did not escape disaster because it was at the edge of the desert of death after a starry day.

Previously, the demon troop had invaded the city several times. That caused massive casualties. That had cast a shadow over everyone's hearts.

A rumor spread at the bottom of society against this background.

The world became dangerous after the gods lost their authority.

They were deep in the Desert of Death and needed the protection of the desert!

Everyone could live a stable and peaceful life again if they could find the Desert God who had descended to the mortal world and rejoin him, becoming his loyal believer, then under the glory of the gods.

One would grant the most devout endless power and eternal life.

This kind of preaching passed down every day in the past wasn't eye-catching. But that changed the mindset of all the residents following a few incidents.

The residents who believed in the gods shouted and praised the Desert God when the demons attacked them!

The demon's body would stiffen and turn into sand.

In the beginning, many people treated it as a casual chat. And no one believed it. However, it was not until a thousand demons suddenly appeared in the largest square of Solan City and started a massacre that thousands of people lost their lives.

A six-year-old girl stood bravely and shouted at all the demons. She praised the Desert God. "Our God will eliminate all evil!"

Immediately, an unseen power stiffened the bodies of the slaughtering demons. Then, they turned into sand and scattered on the ground. They covered the center of the square with yellow sand.

The yellow sand then turned into pure energy and surged into the bodies of the injured residents. That quickly restored their strength.

This miraculous scene caused the rumor to spread swiftly. That even caused the entire Solan City to investigate.

Everyone said the Desert God must have watched around from behind.

The Desert God had already arrived in Solan City. He would wait for his most loyal believers to worship him.

The devout believers could obtain the attention of the Desert God!

The Desert God would shower his glory on his believers. He would protect them from the demon invasion.

They spread the news. More people praised the Desert God when they faced the demons.

However, some succeeded, and even more failed.


In the end, the ones who succeeded were all devout believers, and the ones who failed were those who did not believe in the Desert God.

This news made the residents at the bottom of the hierarchy gradually excited. That increased the number of people in the Church of the Desert God to pray.

Small groups of demons still inevitably appeared, although the troops outside the towering city walls blocked the large-scale enemies. 

Death was inevitable in this process.

Therefore, one must have the means to deal with danger.lights

The influence of the Church of the Desert God spread at an exaggerated speed.

The high-ranking nobles of Solan City had no choice but to remain silent. They were vigilant but did not dare to make any extra moves as they secretly observed the actions of the Desert Sect.

It would be a monumental blow to them if the Desert God appeared in Solan City.

The Grand Duke in Solan City was a legendary ascetic. He had always suppressed the sect. That didn't influence much in Solan City.

However, the sudden appearance of the Desert God Sect was a little strange.

Furthermore, The Grand Duke of Frostwolf in Solan City was still in the capital of the Holy Church Empire. It assisted the new king in handling government affairs. That made things even more delicate.

However, the people could not find traces of the Desert God no matter how many forces investigated, although one had confirmed he had infiltrated Solan City. That made people wary. 

An undercurrent stirred.

Solan City was in a state of tension, and Twilight City made a new move.

That was October 15th.

The Frostwolf troop entered the Ell Plane on the fifth day after the Grand Duke of Frostwolf left Twilight City.

At the same time, a piece of news spread throughout the entire Mortal Plane.

The Ell Plane had established the Ell Alliance. All the native forces could apply to join the Ell Alliance. Members of the Ell Alliance could enter the Ell Plane freely to trade and station themselves.

At the same time, the golden fruits would also be available to members of the Ell Alliance.

The news caused an exaggerated earthquake.

Richard initially opened only the Ell Plane to players. That made all the natives feel lucky. However, now that this policy was out, many forces who wanted to build a trading center also itched for it.

On the same day, countless forces expressed their willingness to join the Ell Alliance through various channels.

The Ell Players Association was a positive example. Richard was the Grace Mainland Overlord and was naturally more trustworthy than the other natives.

This move allowed Richard's influence to transcend the players and spread among the natives.

The Ell Alliance finally decided on 8,000 organizations as founders on October 20th, after five days.

Among them were the royal family of the empire, independent lords, several nobles, large chambers of commerce, ancient families, and secret underground forces.

One exceptionally affixed the reputation of "powerful" to them.

Their overall strength was much mightier than the players.

However, Richard's attitude was always the same, no matter how powerful the forces were. In Ell, one had to listen to his arrangements.

Even the powerful royal family of the empire had to maintain sufficient respect before Slayer God.

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