Rebirth of the Nameless Immortal God

Chapter 1828 Ended

Chapter 1828 Ended

A snort resounded through the room. "The Atlas Clan? Their ranking is nothing but a mirage. Their foundations aren't anywhere near as deep as the other top 9 quadrants. In just one generation, they already fell two spots, from 5th to 7th. They'll definitely be the next to fall from the top 9, following the Water Mist Sect's lead." The man who spoke stood at almost 9 feet tall and had a fiery red mane for a beard. Technically, his bloodline was actually from a mere Earth Grade race of Crimson Lion, but due to fortuitous encounters, he broke through continuously to raise himself to the Transcendent Grade. He was Eight! Kaori shook his head. "There is a 69% probability that Emperor Atlas chose a treasure capable of benefitting his entire Clan instead of choosing selfishly, possibly one capable of cleansing Faith to birth greater talents or increasing the qi density of a territory. He's an ambitious individual who hides himself deeply. If you underestimate the Atlas Clan due to their foundations, you will lose." Eight snorted once more, but didn't refute. "What does Head Void suggest we do?" A woman with narrow eyes spoke. Her visage was exceptionally venomous, but she didn't have a serpentine bloodline. Though her eyes were sharp, the astounding beauty she held was no doubt from the Humming Sparrow Clan, a Peak Transcendent Grade bird race. She was Four, the highest ranked numbered warrior dispatched. Since she spoke, the other numbered warriors didn't dare to speak again. "Ms. Humming, I think it's best that we enter the Gate, we have no choice. Because your BPA is attempting to remain hidden, you haven't accumulated any Faith on a large scale. If the Atlas Clan has truly come to help, we won't stand a chance against their Faith and can only use the Gate's help to block it." Four nodded her head. If it was someone else who called her by her true name, she might have killed him or her directly. But since it was Kaori… She allowed it. "However, we can't enter without a plan of action." Kaori turned to an unassuming petite man who seemed invisible despite the fact he was clearly before them all. "Five, I'll have to rely on you and your Shadow Dhino warriors to scout the situation." Kaori turned once more, this time to a tall and lanky woman. "Seven, I would like your Six-Wing Dhino warriors to act at the vanguard. Be swift and be prepared to retreat at a moment's notice. In fact, I'd like you to launch only a single assault before quickly retreating. "Eight, you Crimson Legion will act as the protectors of Seven's warriors, holding up the backline and allowing them to retreat at a moment's notice."

The Dhino Race. It was a subspecies that controlled 50% of the Transcendent Beast Alliance. They were a group of beasts infinitesimally close to Dragons. Their dragon bloodline couldn't be described as a few strands like Ten who Dyon killed… In fact, wyverns were a part of this subspecies. The Shadow Dhino Clan had the bloodline of the extinct Shadow Dragon Race… The Six-Wing Dhino Clan had the bloodline of the extinct Six-Wing Rainbow Dragon Race… Their strength should be underestimated… "Six, your Holy Mammoth warriors will stay at our entrance Key Tower and defend that like. And Ms. Humming… If necessary, I need you to hold down their strongest expert should the need arise. "The goal for this campaign is to defend and retreats safely, we will minimize the losses and control for unexpected variables. Control yourselves, follow my commands, and even if we don't win, we won't lose either." The meeting ended without another word of protest. ** "Oh? It looks like they're here." Dyon said casually. The Gate Dyon chose for this battle had the flattest landscape possible. The only oddity were the countless floating islands in the sky. Some where only a couple meters across, while others were up to half a kilometer in diameter. According to what he understood, these floating islands provided different advantages. Those with red-tinted soul sealed everything but your body cultivation. Those with green-tinted soil sealed everything but your qi. Finally, those with yellowish brown tinted soul sealed everything but your soul. Depending on the area of the Gate, there were usually larger ratios of one floating island to another. These shifts in ratio impacted the flat lands before, suppressing and even improving certain paths. The special characteristic of this Gate went a slight bit further than this as well. Along with Key Towers, these floating islands could be conquered. Once conquered, they could be moved and positioned at will. As one might expect, the Shruti controlled most of the red floating islands while the Kitsune controlled most of the green floating islands. This much made sense, after all, the Shruti were body cultivators first and foremost, while the Kitsune, despite being beasts, were born with relatively weaker bodies. However, their control over the elements and their qi was exceptionally high. This arrangement of floating islands was what resulted in the stalemate of this Gate and was the reason why the eight Key Towers were perfectly split – four to each side – between the Shruti and Kitsune. Unfortunately, the yellow floating islands were practically entirely neglected. At this point, Dyon's divine sense could no longer be described in simple kilometer measurements, he could easily see to the edges of this Gate. He didn't know it now, but he had reached a basic unit of what they called a World Seer on the Immortal Plane. Simply put, he was a First Grade World Seer, meaning he could grasp the intricacies of an entire 'world' with a sweep of his senses. In truth, Dyon underestimated his own divine sense and had become too careful. He had become so used to not needing to use his divine senses to their maximum capabilities that he handicapped himself.

The Immortal Plane didn't have 'universes' and 'quadrants'. Essentially, being a First Grade World Seer meant that Dyon could see everything occurring in a single universe all at once. Even Dyon himself had yet to realize this, or else he wouldn't have been so careful with his divine sense when he came to Indra City.


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