Reincarnated as the Demon King's Son

Chapter 620 620 Unexpected Infiltration 2

620 Chapter 620 Unexpected Infiltration 2

The group fought their way through the ship, determined to find and eliminate the Xenomorph queen.

As they ventured deeper into the vessel, the surroundings became more ominous. The once vibrant and luxurious cruise ship now resembled a nightmarish battleground, with flickering lights casting eerie shadows on the walls and floors stained with alien blood.

"I got a bad feeling about this. Call the others to help," Aldred said.

Suddenly, the doors in the surroundings broke open with hundreds of aliens charging towards them.

Aldred was forced to use his fire elements to push the approaching aliens. He carefully used his fire magic to avoid friendly-fire.

Amidst the chaos, Cleome, Shinari, Cellaeth, and Elralya joined forces with Aldred and Salamander. Their combined strength and abilities proved essential in battling the Xenomorph horde.

Each member of the team showcased their unique skills.

The air was thick with tension as they approached the ship's core. Aldred, his fists crackling with energy, led the charge. Salamander's drones hovered around him, ready to unleash their deadly arsenal at a moment's notice. Cleome conjured lightning, illuminating the dark corridors, while Shinari moved within the shadows, assassinating any aliens that were about to attack her allies.

Elralya stood still in the back, closing her eyes as she manipulated the energy vibration around the room. Her power made the aliens screamed in distress.

The aliens' movement became even more chaotic. Before it was precisely coordinated, making it much harder to fight them especially at large numbers. But now that they were disoriented, their larger numbers became their biggest disadvantage.

The Xenomorph queen, a grotesque pinnacle of alien evolution, dominated her horde with regal malevolence. Her towering figure, shrouded in dim ship's light, boasted an elongated, scar-laden chitinous exoskeleton.

A sinuous, razor-sharp tail struck with deadly precision, defying her immense size.

However, Aldred moved to the side, and the tail struck the wall behind him.

Bioluminescent veins pulsed beneath translucent skin, casting an eerie glow on her alien majesty.

Her elongated head, crowned with serrated spines, bore multifaceted eyes radiating unsettling intelligence. An aura of palpable menace surrounded her, freezing even the bravest warriors in awe and terror.

The queen roared that mere humans dare to come into her lair. Her scales vibrated, making her aliens servant shook and angered.

And they directed that anger towards Aldred and his allies.

The aliens charged with crazed fervor. This time, they were ready to sacrifice everything to protect the honor of their queen.

Salamander immediately activated all of his arsenal. The plasma cannon mounted on his shoulders fired high-energy plasma projectiles at the aliens causing devastating impact.

When the aliens manage to evade his plasma beams, a pair of pulse blasters on his wrist released concentrated energy pulses, providing rapid and accurate firepower in close-quarters.

His energy-based weapon system were almost fully-automatic, letting him focus on other task. This, coupled with his battle-drones made Salamander a fearsome opponents as he killed dozens of aliens 10:52

every second.

"We need a plan," Aldred shouted over the cacophony of battle. "We can't take down the queen and her horde head-on. We need to find a way to separate them."

Salamander, analyzing the situation through his advanced visor, nodded in agreement. "We need a distraction. The guards and I will distract the hordes. The rest of you must find a way to reach the queen. Once the queen died, the aliens will lose their strength."

A pair of energy blade appeared on Salamander's arm. He swiftly cut down two aliens that were charging towards him and split four aliens with his pulse blasters.

"Go no!"I think you should take a look at

As Salamander and the guards aggressively attacking to lure the aliens' attention, Aldred looked around trying to find ways to reach the queen.

Suddenly, Shinari shouted in the intercom: "Guys, follow me!"

They all followed Shinari who was charging towards a horde of aliens. The alien attacked her, but she exploded into mist before re-appearing a distance away, cutting off the aliens' necks and limbs.

Aldred, Cleome, and Cellaeth pushed forward like a bull. Aldred advanced with his fire elemental magic, creating a series of a fire wave that engulfed everything in their path.

"Give me distance. I will take the front. You guys take the flanks and rear!"

With a slight movement from his hands, Aldred summoned ember blades made purely out of fire and sliced through the aliens.

He danced around, cutting and burning everything around him.

He felt incredible heat within his heart. It was that familiar sensation. It felt incredibly unbearable. His heart felt like they were being dipped into an active volcano.

The pain made Aldred screamed in anger. The excruciating pain irritated him and seeing the aliens charging towards him made him even angrier. His eyes were as red as lava.

His skin began to glow, then steam came out, releasing a searing aura of intense heat causing the approaching aliens to suffer intense burn.

The ember blade in his hands vanished, and then hundreds of fire chain came out of his hands that stabbed through hundreds of aliens at once.

"Infernal Chain!"

With a roar, the chain exploded into a bursting ball of fire, consuming the aliens whole.

Aldred clasped his hands violently, then, a fiery figure appeared with his appearance before it multiply itself constantly.

The fiery figures rushed towards the aliens, the mere contact alone burned and melt the skin and bones of the aliens.

The display of power shocked everyone.

They hadn't never heard that fire could be manipulated to incredible ways.

However, Aldred's display of power attracted the alien's attentions, and they all rushed towards him.

"I will distract them here! The rest of you go after the queen!"

Cleome and Cellaeth immediately leaped into the air and used the aliens as stepping stones as they approached the queen.

They blasted the aliens that dared to block their path.

Cleome and Cellaeth moved swiftly, their agility and combat skills shining brightly amidst the chaos. Cleome conjured lightning bolts, electrocuting any aliens that came too close, while Cellaeth utilized her Elven speed and precision, swiftly dispatching aliens with her spear.

As they neared the queen, they noticed a strange pattern in the aliens' behavior. Some of them seemed to be guarding the queen more fiercely, their movements synchronized and calculated.

"It's like they're protecting her deliberately," Cellaeth observed, her keen Elven eyes picking up on the subtleties of the situation.

Cleome nodded, her mind racing to come up with a plan. "We need to create a diversion, something big enough to draw their attention away from the queen. Aldred's fire manipulation was impressive. If we could create an even bigger display of power..."


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