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Chapter 423 World Magic: Spell Number 13

'Please. Don't.'

Kayla didn't want him to ask questions.

At least, not now.


The young hero was silent for a moment, before turning his gaze away, back in the direction of the fallen Eighth Finger.

|She may have dealt with his Pseudo Authority, but there's still the issue of the authority's passive effect; generating a protective layer of death law energy around his body that can nullify up to 50% of normal attacks directed towards him. |

"Wait a moment…. isn't that exactly like…!"

Evan realised something upon hearing Artemisia's words, a grin appearing on his face as he spoke aloud.

"I see, so that's how 'those skills' work.

I guess I didn't prepare 'that' for nothing then!"

He took a step forward as he spoke, activating a skill while he did so.


His second step caused the ground under his feet to crack as a thin layer of crimson light enveloped his whole body.

"Blessing of Destruction: 1st Activation."

Eliza who was right beside him had her eyes widen in shock as she realised what Evan was about to do next.



The girl was blown away by the shockwaves generated by Evan's energy burst, and by the time Kuro's shadows wrapped around her body and caught her, all she could see around her was a deep crater in the ground with residues of the essence of destruction in all areas except the spot where she was.

Evan, meantime, had transformed into a streak of crimson gold light that zipped through the air, materialising in front of a surprised Dominik and thrusting his weapon forward.

"Elemental Vortex."

All the spirits in the area responded to his summons without hesitation, any semblance of their usual chatter gone as they channelled their power into the whirling mass of energy that crashed directly into Dominik's body.

The Eighth Finger's hurriedly constructed shield crumbled to shards of light, with his body being sent hurtling through the air before falling to the earth with so much force that it rebounded back into the air.

Before the forces of gravity could pull him back to the ground once more, Duke Charles, covered in bright blue lightning, zapped to his side and unsheathed his blade.

"Zero Sword."

The man's blade flashed as Dominik's body was slashed from various angles, but a light frown formed on his face as he noticed that something was impeding the effectiveness of his attacks.

He spun around and delivered a high kick to Dominik's head that sent him hurling back in Evan's direction, where the young hero roused his energies and launched another Elemental Vortex.


The poor man did not have the time to conjure any semblance of defence as the spiralling mass of energy knocked his body upwards, right after which Evan held two fingers and activated his elemental weapon projection.

With a touch of the crimson aura of the blessing of destruction, hundreds of swords, spears, daggers, and whatever other bladed weaponry Evan could think of materialised in the sky.


Incredulous that Dominik still had the mental capacity to put up defences after taking so much beating, Evan frowned slightly as he watched the bright red explosion in the sky.

A thin lash of blue light cut right through the explosion and Dominik's body was knocked back towards the ground once more, but he flipped in the air and landed on his two feet, before dropping down on one knee and spitting out a mouthful of blood with a grimace.

There was also a fine slash wound that ran straight from right beside his neck to his waist, however, it seemed the cut was not deep enough to deal any more damage after cutting halfway into his rib bones.

Duke Charles blitzed in right beside Evan, expressing mild surprise over the boy's current form but taking his focus back to the Eighth Finger as he said.

"He's not able to 'fight back', but something is protecting his body."

Evan nodded as he appraised Dominik and noted his current state to be extremely energy deficient; with his previous burst of energy actually being the ambient death energy he had released earlier being reabsorbed into his body before being expelled once more.

Dominik desperately tried to absorb the ambient magic power in the surroundings to make up for his lack of energy, but what happened next prevented him from doing so.


A powerful explosion rang out in the distance, catching Evan's attention as the boy turned around just in time to see the gigantic laser sword that was piercing the clouds dissipate after striking its target.

And as for the state of said target…


The Eighth Finger's sudden scream of anguish was enough to give Evan the answer he needed.

'He's receiving backlash! The undead dragon is dead! This is the perfect chance to use 'it'!'

With those thoughts, Evan activated void steps and created a series of footholds which he used as a boost to run up and jump into the sky.

While airborne, the boy rose his left hand into the sky and roused his energy.

|Evan?! What are you trying to do?!!|

Artemisia's voice rang out in his head, with the goddess not even bothering to utilize indirect messaging at this point.

But Evan remained silent and generated a small miniature magic circle in his palm.

Around 10 metres in diameter, radiating outward with the point above Dominik's body as the centre, a giant replica of this magical circle materialised in the sky above.

The spell circle let off a multicoloured glow that consisted of white, blue, gold, red and a few other colours, as patterns like translucent letters or symbols appeared across it.

Tendrils of multicoloured lightning snaked around Evan's arm, with larger flashes of lightning appearing amidst the dark clouds, each accompanied by the sound of rumbling thunder.

After that, the space next to Evan started to twist, and the young hero felt a surge of a very familiar divinity permeating through it. He heaved a soft sigh as he spoke up to appease the enraged and worried goddess.

"I told you before Artemisia; 'I know I act crazy sometimes, but I'm not suicidal'."

His words seemed to have an effect as the twisting space returned to normal, his eyes locking onto the figure of the Eighth Finger who was struggling not to fall flat on the ground as he spoke.

"Pseudo-World Magic Imitation.

Spell Number 13: Judgment of the Heavens."

A huge pillar of golden light descended from the sky, burning so bright and hot that it appeared like the whole world had turned white.

It only lasted for three seconds before dissipating, however, those three seconds left behind an area burned to cinders and devoid of life.

Evan never planned to use the spell's full destructive power.

He just needed to break the damn barrier that covered the Eighth Finger's body, so he only let the spell work for an exceedingly short time.

Besides, using it for long right now WOULD be suicidal considering his current state.

He didn't need more strain applied to his body and soul.

Although he used an amount of power that he felt should have broken the barrier, he wasn't so sure if it was truly the case so he did not cancel the magic circle yet.

Duke Charles on the other hand, was more than ready to help him check if the barrier was truly broken.

The man's body turned into a streak of blue lightning that zapped right in front of the bloodstained figure in the middle of the spell's AOE.

"Zero Sword: Second Form."


Two slashes were sent out so fast that Evan could barely see them from where he was standing on his void step, but the effect of the slashes was very visible to him.

Bright red blood sprayed into the air as the Eighth Finger's left arm was severed from his shoulder, while his right arm was cut off from the point in between his shoulder and elbow.

Evan saw this and deactivated the pseudo-world magic imitation completely, taking a deep breath before he kicked off his void step and boosted towards the ground.

Perhaps in response to the hero's body being bathed in destruction's essence, the Eighth Finger's Pseudo authority activated in part, creating a barrier imbued with death's essence to shield its owner from harm.

Evan, however, suddenly materialised behind the man's back, pushed his sword forward, and launched a vortex of elemental energy that catapulted the man into the air.

Duke Charles used Zero Sword once more, delivering two slashes, the first of which severed Dominik's right leg.

Then, a thin line of blue light flashed by his neck before being rebuffed by the power of the law of death, which prevented it from completely severing the Eighth Finger's neck in its entirety in a single motion.

Evan blinked once more before raising the unforged and enveloping it with as much destructive essence as he could currently muster up. He then stabbed the small protective layer of death essence, penetrating through it and then piercing through the cut that the Duke had left on Dominik's neck.

The blade entered his body through his neck, travelling uninterrupted through his torso and penetrating his heart along the way, before emerging from the opposite end of his body.


The two came crashing down to the ground with a loud explosion, sending a small cloud of black dust into the air as many of the grandmasters on the battlefield turned their gazes in that direction.

The brilliant lightning rush skill that Duke Charles had been using was deactivated, and he took a step forward while maintaining his vigilance as he did not want to be caught off guard by any unexpected developments that might occur.

From behind the cloud of smoke, the solitary figure of a familiar hero, covered in blood, emerged from the crater, holding in one hand, his trusted blade, and in the other, a severed head.

There was an eerie silence on the battlefield as Evan thrust his blade into the earth, and then slowly raised the severed head, concentrating his last magical energy into his voice and screaming out.


The silence continued for a moment as all who heard took a second to digest what he had said, before cheers and screams of joy and victory erupted from all across the battlefield in the next.

As the sound of triumph resounded over the battlefield, all of the remaining undead collapsed to the ground like the lifeless corpses that they were.

Duke Charles heaved an exhausted sigh as he saw this, before turning his gaze back to Evan who was still holding Dominik's severed head up high.

"Evan? You can pu-?!"

He was momentarily stunned when his shadow suddenly squirmed and expanded, but when he saw the familiar battle priestess' figure emerging from it alongside a black van cat, he quickly regained his composure and re-sheathed his sword.

As for Eliza, she slowly walked towards Evan with a wry smile, placing a hand on Evan's cheek and shaking her head when she confirmed his current state.

Ralphie, Sir Czac, and Sir Heinr, who all arrived shortly after, all assumed the same thing upon seeing the boy, with Ralphie being the one to actually pose the question.

"Did he actually pass out?"


Eliza only gave a light hum in reply, confirming that Evan had indeed lost consciousness while standing on his two feet.

Nevertheless, shortly before the boy's vision had gone black, a single notification had come appeared in front of his eyes, one that was the explanation for the grin that was on his face at the time.

[Level Up!]


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