Reincarnated With A Glitched System: Why Is My MP Not Running Out?

Chapter 875 The Power Of [Demon Eater] And [Soulmancer]!


Sylph and her Friends had made sure to move far away from within the range of Lolth's Divine Demonic Aura, where their magic power was not as disrupted anymore. They had to run so far away from the battle that their parents had fully thought they had ran away and would not come back.

Already happy that the kids managed to escape safely, they were already giving up on life, a battle they could not win due to the indestructible might that Lolth held within a vessel she prepared for many years.

However, the trio of heroes quickly realized that their children had not forgotten them. Once they were far enough from the range of Lolth's Aura, without even hesitating, they decided to act, perhaps not fighting head-on, but helping however they could.


[The effects of the [Demon Eater: ★★] Job Class have been activated and converged with the [Great Curse of the Devourer of the Abyss]!]

[The user can temporarily devour demonic energy and absorb it into their body, sealing it from the outside world.]

[The limit is based on how much Magic Stat the user possess.]

[Current Magic Stat: 20.250]

"My powers…! They're growing weaker?!" 

Lolth couldn't help but shake in horror and awe as she felt her Aura being absorbed, severely weakening compared to before! All the powerful debuffs in the air were almost completely gone.

And the source of all of this change was her, Sylph!

The annoying brat that always felt like she had several trump cards below her sleeve, not even the Gods themselves could fathom what was inside of her mind at times.

The heroes felt their bodies losing the enormous pressure they were under, but the damage on their souls and bodies was already done, and they couldn't properly move nor escape from their fate even with this help.

However, such thoughts quickly disappeared the moment they realized thousands of tiny spiritual beings started popping out of the ground, from red, to green, to blue and brown color, emanating a relaxing, healing aura over their bodies.

They were Spirits of the World!

"W-What is this?! Spirits!" Allan opened his eyes wide, seconds before he noticed the presence of three children near them.

When Sylph cleansed the battlefield from Lolth's toxic Aura of Demonic Divinity, Lara, Luck, and Aquarina appeared to aid the heroes! Lara raised her Spiritual Scepter into the skies, channeling all her Mana and Magic Power into it.

"Don't worry, she's not alone. We're all here!" Lara's voice echoed behind the heroes. "[Spirit Fusion]!"


Thousands of spirits fused into the heroes bodies, as Lolth could had never seen this coming! The spirits became like a wave, a sea of spiritual essence, merging with Allan, Shade, and Arafunn at once!

But how could it be possible for spirits to fuse with people? Well, Lara recalled what Sylph had told her seconds before they decided to do this plan.

"This might only be a hypothesis, and we'll be gambling it… But it might be possible for you to restore our parent's strength to an extent, Lara! As long as you fuse your spirits with their bodies in their current states!"

"In their current states…?! Wait, you mean because they feel like they've become spirits?!"

"They have already fused with their own spirits, it shouldn't be too hard to do it again with yours, right? This Spirit Soul Fusion forms they have taken… They could be healed with your magic! …Maybe."

"It's a gamble I'm willing to take!"

"Good, Luck, Aquarina, you'll accompany and protect Lara!"

"B-But I want to stay at your side!"

"No, Aquarina, go with her! I'll be fine, I promise you."

Those memories emerged within Lara's mind as her eyes glowed with rainbow light, her Saintess Aura exuding brightly, as the Spirits of the World manifested themselves to her limits!

"W-What is happening?!" Lolth screamed. "YOU! The pitiful lamb! Is this your doing as well?!"I think you should take a look at

Lolth quickly grabbed her gigantic spear, attempting to attack her. Luck and Aquarina rushed in front of Lara, ready to block that attack no matter what.

But the Evil Goddess had grown weaker and slower, in that time it took her to grab the Divine Soul Spear, the mass of rainbow spiritual essence was already taking shape!

Allan, Shade, and Arafunn were completely gone, as what remained of them was converged together into a single entity thanks to the Spirits of the World patching them together like glue.

Their souls… became one!


Lolth couldn't help but take several steps back as she glanced at the rainbow, spiritual titan that was born from this unprecedented fusion! An Aura of not only Spiritual Energy, but a faint hint of Divinity was exuding from within the titan's form.

"I-I never thought… it could be so ridiculous." Sylphy glanced at the scene in disbelief.

Behind her were the rest of her friends, Zack, Mist, Celica, and Celeste, touching her arms with their hands and imbuing their Magic Power into hers, increasing the amount of Demonic Energy Sylph could temporarily seal inside of her body through her Demon Eater Job Class Ability.

However, she had a Subclass as well… And perhaps this Subclass ability effects were what made the fusion between the heroes souls and the spirits of the world so strong and big.


[The effects of the [Soulmancer: ★★] Subclass have been activated! An [Aura of Soul Bending Magic] has bound and temporarily healed the targeted souls you've chosen.]

[Temporarily, their Soul Strength, Soul Vitality, Soul Resilience, and Soul Defenses have been enhanced by +250%!]

Sylphy targeted the Souls of Allan, Shade, and Arafunn alongside her own, so she could better bear with the burden of absorbing this ridiculous amount of Demonic Energy all by her own!


The titan quickly took shape, after only resembling a slightly humanoid mass of ethereal rainbow flames, it took the shape of a metallic giant, whose ethereal rainbow flames materialized into a beautiful armor with countless, intricate decorations resembling the characteristic of all the spirits the heroes had made a contract with.

Two huge, armored arms, powerful legs, and a head with a helmet shaped like a ferocious dragon. And above all, a huge rainbow jewel, a crystallization of their souls, in the middle of their chest, protected by their armor.

And all three Relics converged with the spirits and their souls, forming a huge sword made of ethereal rainbow flames.

"Is this… us?" Allan's voice echoed.

"Impressive…" Shade was amazed.

"T-This feels a bit weird… Are we… fused?!" Arafunn was shaken.

"W-What sort of trick is this?! Some sort of illusion?" Lolth screamed. "Do you really think I'll fall for such a feeble demonstration of your weakness?!"

Her spear quickly flew towards the rainbow titan, only for their blazing sword to quickly intercept her attack and push her away with tremendous strength!


"Ungh?! Impossible…!"

Lolth gritted her mandibles, as she saw the titan instantly move, attacking her with a barrage of unpredictable blows, combining the mastery of both Allan and Shade together.


"T-These techniques! And this power…!"

The Evil Goddess immediately knew this was not a mere illusion, it was reality, a reality she didn't want to ever believe!

"Yeah, Lolth! This is the real deal!" Allan, Shade, and Arafunn's voices converged together as once, their roar of bravery echoing across the continent.



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