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Chapter 237 - 237: 225 -the mysterious wish incident (Part 1)

Chapter 237: Chapter 225 -the mysterious wish incident (Part 1)

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Lu Xin furrowed his brows after reading the report.

Then, he clicked on the interrogation video and dragged it forward for a while. In a brightly lit room, he saw Madam Lu looking Haggard with tears on her face. She cried, ” I really didn’t want it to be like this. I didn’t think it would be so serious. I just …

I’m just worried that if he takes over the company, it will be bad for my child .

so, when I heard people say that there’s a way to make a wish that works especially, I … So I went …”

I just made. wish for him to have an accident or to die …

but, but after I made my wish, I soon felt that something was wrong. I began to have nightmares every day. I dreamed that he was like a madman and killed my child … I even saw him gentlemanly eat my …” it’s true. I’m telling the truth. Please, you must help me .

I think he’s a demon. He’s a madman …

you must catch him …

Lu Xin’s brows furrowed upon seeing this.

After reading the interrogation report, the matter was clear.

The incident this time was not as simple as an ordinary aptitude user harming people.

This incident was indeed related to Xiao Yuan’s stepmother. However, she was not a real ability user. She had only used some unknown method to trigger another source of contamination … Or rather, the attention of an ability user, and using this ability user to influence Xiao Yuan.

The White shadow he had seen in his dream was indeed her.

However, she was not the one who used the ability. Someone must have borrowed her spiritual power to use the ability.

That was why she looked so Haggard.

It wasn’t that difficult to analyze the situation.

What made Lu Xin feel a little disgusted was her attitude.

Xiao Yuan had always treated his siblings well. After having this nightmare, even though he was under immense mental pressure, he was more worried that if they found out, it would cause an unnecessary misunderstanding. Thus, he had been holding it in and almost went crazy.

But how could he have known that he had become like this because of this stepmother?

On the surface, this stepmother who had always treated him well and made him feel grateful would actually secretly wish for him to die?

After calming himself down, Lu Xin continued reading.

so the main point is: make a wish? ”

Lu Weiwei didn’t have her own ability. She did this because she made a wish.

Moreover, the result of her wish was obviously beyond her control.bender

She hoped that Xiao Yuan would go crazy or die.

In the end, it was indeed possible that Xiao Yuan would become what she had hoped.

But the price was her two children.

How did she make a wish that things would turn out like this?

Lu Xin read on patiently and saw the key points on the information:

According to Lu Weiwei’s explanation, she came into contact with the matter of making a wish when she came to the main city and visited some customers she had worked with before, as well as future neighbors.

He was a middle-level leader of an enterprise that ran a fast-selling goods transportation business in the main city. Due to the generous gifts prepared by Xiao Yuan’s family and the fact that they came from a satellite city, they were very cautious in their words and actions.

Therefore, the leader’s family was very satisfied with the couple. They were very close when they talked to each other.

It was also because of this private relationship that the leader’s wife was excited and told Lu Weiwei that she had a belief. She also told her mysteriously that the God she believed in was especially effective and would grant all requests.

One day, Lu Weiwei heard from Xiao Yuan’s father that she was getting old and her health was getting worse. She was able to send her family to the main city and that her biggest wish in this life had been fulfilled. She planned to gradually hand over the family business to Xiao Yuan. Lu Weiwei began to panic and made a wish in the heat of the moment.

Lu Xin continued to read the follow-up investigation.

Since there was another person who told Lu Weiwei about her wish, the key naturally lay with the former person.

He believed that with the efficiency of the special Investigation Department, the leader’s wife should have been caught by now.

However, after turning the page, he could not help but frown.

There was only a picture of a newspaper on the page, and the title was: the woman killed her entire family because her husband had an affair. She then jumped to her death.


Lu Xin furrowed his brows.

“Chi Chi …”

There was an electric current in the channel, followed by Chen Jing’s voice,

“”Have you finished reading the report?” leader, you’re so amazing. You know how long it takes for me to read the report

“I’m done, and I was just about to read it again,” Lu Xin replied.

“You don’t have to waste your energy on such a small thing. You’re not a detective.”

Chen Jing replied, ” an entire information team has been analyzing all of her statements and interrogations. If they find anything, they will immediately send it to you. What I want to tell you now is the things you need to pay attention to when carrying out a mission with doll.”

“Alright,” Lu Xin replied after a brief pause.

since you’re investigating the ‘wish incident’ while carrying out the ‘companion doll’ mission, I’ve merged these two missions. In other words, I’ve let you temporarily form a team … Right, I’ve just checked the information. Because the painting called ‘gaze of the Crimson Moon’ has not been finalized, the contribution points that should be given to you haven’t been given yet, so the special operation team you formed when you and the lizard went out of the city to hunt down the Knight order has not been disbanded …”

this time, we’ll continue to activate. Doll will be a member and will temporarily join this team. You will still be the team leader.

Chen Jing’s words surprised Lu Xin, “”She’s a team member?”

There was something in his heart that he didn’t say out loud. Even the lizard was the vice-captain, while he was only a class B …

Chen Jing was silent for a moment. do you think doll is suitable for other tasks with his personality? ”

Lu Xin nodded in realization. “Alright,” he said.

“As the team leader, you need to understand your team members. I will now tell you the three principles for letting doll carry out missions.”

first, doll’s special ability only allows her to stay in specific places, such as her special carriage and a temporary safe house prepared by some support teams. If she is exposed, you have to cover for her immediately.

second, use a serious attitude and clear words to make a request to doll. Then, she will enter a working state.

“When you’re in working mode, you can give doll instructions, including cleaning up the source of contamination or the ability users. However, unless it’s necessary, it’s best not to let doll do it. She’ll show great sadness at the loss of her life.’

third, if anyone shows any unusual emotions towards doll, then protecting doll will be the priority.

I feel like I’m controlling a robot .

Lu Xin thought for a moment before nodding in agreement. “Alright, I’ll remember that.”

“Alright,” he said.

Chen Jing heaved a sigh of relief and said, “also, let me remind you in advance. No matter what doll is doing outside, there will be three support teams …” Or rather, the babysitter team … But because you’re the one in charge of taking care of Dolly, the three teams will be hidden. You don’t have to worry about that. If you have any questions, you can call them out.”

Lu Xin agreed once more. He could feel the special relationship between Qing gang and this girl. “Is there anything else?”

“That’s all about the doll.”

“I just received the latest information from the city Defense Department. It’s about Lu Weiwei’s wish,” Chen Jing said.

“The person who passed on the wish to Lu Weiwei is called Yu Chen, 41 years old, a housewife.’

when we investigated Yu Chen, we found out that she had committed suicide and the clues were cut off. However, the special Investigation Department has immediately investigated all of Yu Chen’s connections and the people she was in contact with. I will send you the results of the investigation now. You can begin the mission.

“So fast?”

Lu Xin was a little surprised. He had just thought of this problem, but the other party had already filtered out the results.

Chen Jing’s voice carried a hint of a smile as she said, “”l’ve told you before, we don’t play games like kids.”

“Anything that can be solved with material resources is not a problem for us..”

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