Strongest Necromancer Of Heaven's Gate

Chapter 1031 Many Ways Of Love [Part 2]

Cai was another unique individual in Lux's heart. When they were alone together, Lux would call her by her real name, Caitlin.

Among Lux's lovers, the Rowan Priestess was the only one who made Lux feel as if he was corrupting something sacred.

Aurora didn't understand it at first, but whenever Lux made love with Cai, there was a vague sense of immorality that would rise in Lux's chest, fanning his desire and Lust.

The pink-haired beauty was not aware that Lux had a hidden fetish for shrine maidens, nuns, priestesses, and similar Holy Maidens.

It was just one of his "youthful fantasies" back on Earth.

This was something that had accompanied him when his memories returned after Eriol came to visit him.

Even so, Lux couldn't help but feel that he was doing something blasphemous by staining the beautiful and sensuous body of a High-Priestess, who also possessed the Celestial Maiden Physique.

A special body constitution that allowed the Half-Elf to rapidly increase his rank and strength whenever he made love to her. Of course, this act worked both ways.

The stronger Lux was, the faster Cai also increased her rank. In fact, Cai was now at the peak of the C-Rank. Perhaps, she would even break through and become a B-Ranker the next time she made love with Lux.

Of course, this wasn't really a bad thing since the Gods had already abandoned Elysium.

If the Gods were still present, they might have already kicked the Half-Elf's bum for defiling one of their High-Priestesses and punished him for committing a serious crime of blasphemy against them.

Last, but not the least, was Ali.

Ali was very different from her twin sister, Ari.

Lux enjoyed being with her, not for the sake of lovemaking, but because Ali made him feel special. 

Simply put, among Lux's lovers, Ali gave the Half-Elf something that the rest were unable to give him.

It was a love that was similar to a motherly love.

She was the voice of reason.

Someone who would think before she acted, and she was also a very loyal person.

Lux felt the most relaxed whenever he was with her. 

In fact, he would spend almost an hour just lying on her lap or burying his head between her breasts, completely relaxed as she patted his head and hummed him a lullaby.

If Iris was his safe haven after a storm, Ali was a motherly figure who gave Lux unconditional love.

This compassionate love with no strings attached was something that he had longed for all his life.

Lux was raised by his Grandma, Vera, who showered him with love and affection.

But in his heart, Vera was his grandma and not his mother.

Even in his past life, he didn't experience motherly love because, in his mother's eyes, he was someone who shouldn't have been born.

Lux grew up being referred to as a "mistake". 

Perhaps, this was also the main reason why he had shut himself off from the world and pursued happiness online by watching Luna's performance and defending her from those who bashed her on the internet.

He had always wanted to experience what it was like to be loved by a mother, so the motherly Ali had filled that void in Lux's heart.

Although she was not old enough to be his mother, her touch, gentleness, and the way she affectionately looked at him patched his lonely heart with the love that he was missing in his life.

A love that he longed to experience.

Of course, Ali was not aware of this. But even if she was, she wouldn't change the way she treated Lux.

Since Aurora shared Ali's senses, she understood that the handmaiden loved Lux in her own way. 

For her, Lux was already a part of her family, like her sister, Ari, and her mistress, Valerie. 

This was why she wanted to treat him with great care.

She treated him as someone very precious to her.

Ali didn't really have any experience in love because Lux was her first love. 

One could even say that she was just starting to open her heart to the person whom she knew she would spend her life with, so her affection came out as a motherly type of love.

Lux and Ali would also spend most of their time talking about random things.I think you should take a look at

Like their dreams when they were young, their plans for the future, and the fears inside their hearts.

She became Lux's confidant, and he became hers.

It was a relationship built on unconditional trust, and Aurora enjoyed every second of it.

In fact, similar to Lux, she looked forward when it was Ali's turn to be with him. 

Connecting to her made Aurora feel relaxed, and she happily enjoyed the sweet, intimate, and familial love that both of them shared.

Their sensual sessions were short and sweet, but that didn't mean that they didn't enjoy it. 

In fact, they enjoyed it so much that they took a slow and unhurried pace, further savoring the feeling of their connection with each other. 

These slow lovemaking sessions allowed them to build up their momentum before finding their sweet release while holding each other in a loving embrace. 

Their intimate moments weren't like the rough and passionate rounds that Lux had with Ari or the immoral lovemaking he felt when making love with Cai.

It was lovely and sweet.

Sweet enough to rot Aurora's teeth.

After experiencing these many ways of love, Aurora wondered if she would be able to give Lux a unique experience. One that he had never felt before with his other lovers.

Deep in her heart, she wished for that to happen.

Something that only belonged to her, and something that Lux would find irresistible.

Something that would make him crave for her skinship, allowing her to monopolize him, and make the time they spent with each other special and memorable.

Just as Aurora was lost in her thoughts, she felt someone lightly tapping her shoulder.

The young lady's gaze landed on the little skeleton, Zane, who was pointing at Zeke.

Aurora then shifted her gaze to look in the direction of the table and Zeke, who was holding a tray of warm food for her to eat.

"Do you want me to eat first?" Aurora asked Zane with a smile.

Zane shook his head and pointed to the bathroom. He then made chattering noises with his mouth, making the young lady nod her head in understanding.

"Thank you for preparing the bath for me," Aurora said softly. "I'll wash myself first then eat." 

Zane nodded and helped Aurora to stand up.

The two little skeletons had somehow become her nannies, taking care of her needs.

They made sure that Aurora ate, bathed, and slept on time.

Zane and Zeke would even assist her when she put on her dresses and would also brush her hair.

They would even hug her to sleep at night so that she wouldn't have any nightmares.

If Lux was the person Aurora loved the most, Zane and Zeke held second place in her heart.

They had become her companions in the darkness of her prison while she waited for the Half-Elf's arrival.

Aurora smiled as she walked towards the bathroom to clean her body properly.

After that, she ate the meal that Zeke had brought from the kitchen with gusto.

Her appetite had increased after experiencing Lux's lovemaking sessions. 

While she was busy eating, Zane and Zeke went to change her bedding and replaced it with a fresh set.

The two little skeletons knew that in another hour or two, Lux would visit one of his lovers, which would make their Mistress feel hot and bothered all over again.


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