The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess

Chapter 622 619:Her Awakening

"Your mouth works too much, "Paimon shouted, steadying himself in the air.

"My hands work more," Alex sneered and punched.

Paimon gloated at the incoming punch of destruction and stepped forward.

"Enough puny human."

"Bear my wrath."

"Grave of Flames"

With an exploding might, countless flaming drills burst forth raining down on the battlefield similar to a meteor shower whose aim was none other than Alex.

These showers create powerful explosions wherever they hit as they scatter everywhere making the enemies cheer.

"It's not over."

Paimon thrust his hand shooting a dark beam of astral light that empowered the power of the shower turning into Dark flames that were strong enough to turn everything touched into ashes.

Alex's punch obscured the path of the shower but soon more flames were summoned.

Dark smoke obscured everyone's view as Paimon unleashed a Hell of flames. Everyone watched with bated breath as they waited for the smoke to disperse allowing them to see the destruction.

Paimon stared at the dark smoke with a smug expression.

Suddenly from within the dense smoke a loud laughter emerged.

Strong gusts of wind blew the smoke apart making Paimon and the dark creature's faces turn grin as they saw the outcome.

Standing at the centre of Destruction, Alex dusted off his clothes and chuckled.

"Nice try man."

"Playtime is over."

"Yes, playtime is over."Paimon roared angrily and his body surged with a majestic power.

Many pairs of arms and wings sprouted from his body and he grew taller. Sharp burly claws elongated from each of his hands and dark mist emerged from his body.

A thick vein bulged in Alex's forehead seeing the hideous figure.

"I said playtime is over so let's fight seriously but you just became uglier."

"For God's sake can you assume a good handsome form?"

Alex didn't know why he always felt pissed seeing this bastard. His heart always burned with disgust to the point that all his hair stood up.

His body would react as if it was on fire on getting close to the creature of darkness and all of this didn't make sense for him to have such a hate.

The only plausible reason might be that he is Half God and since his mother hated these scums, it had been etched deep inside his bone as passed by so called genes.

Paimon raised his sharp claws and pointed at Alex, screaming "I am gonna dig holes over your body."

With a mighty declaration, his image vanished and shot towards Alex like a beam of mighty light that tore the space creating spatial cracks and making the world tremble.

"In your dreams."

Alex raised his arm to receive the strike. 

His fist was engulfed with an intense golden energy that lit up the whole space as if a golden sun had arisen out of thin air.

"Have a taste of my fist."

[Mighty Punch]

Alex stepped over the air, swayed his body and moved his head.I think you should take a look at

Paimon had many pairs of arms and Alex's single fist clashed.


A wide shock wave swept down everything.

The sound of weapons clashing against each other throughout the battlefield ceased as the waves swept them away for many kilometres.

Jack, Hindell, Mezov and Enoch screamed in panic seeing the surge of energy and tried to create a barrier to contain it in fear of their army getting killed.

Fortunately, most of the destructiveness of the aftermath disappeared before reaching them by external interference.

When everything became normal, everyone's eyes widened with horror seeing a vast expanse of dark space extending for several hundred kilometres.

Everything within the place had disappeared into nothingness at that place. The space seemed to have been punctured.

"Fuck...what the hell happened there." Jack cursed, forgetting his opponent for a moment.

"This is the aftermath of a single clash of full power. If they fought seriously for a few rounds didn't that mean the entire world would disappear."Hindell murmured in disbelief causing everyone to swallow their saliva.

At that moment, they finally realised how big the gap between them and Alex was.

Before a God King Level, even Elder Gods are ants. The difference between them was just a level in words but actually, it was a wide gap that one can't make up with sheer numbers.

"Don't lose your focus. Alex can repair the destroyed world."The Elder of Wolf Tribe urged everyone to focus while looking at the empty space with a solemn expression.

'In the previous attack, he hasn't even used 10% of his power.'

'If not for the world being small here restricting him, this guy can even make those folks of a bigger world on their knees. He is one hell of a guy who can just mess up the balance scale. In my whole life of trillions of years, I have only seen three guys like him.'

He shook his head and went to his job of playing around.


Meanwhile in the void of the world, like a beam of starlight, a figure shot back endlessly.

No matter how much he tried, he wasn't able to steady himself.

After passing for an unknown distance his figure finally came to rest and as he squinted his eyes, he frowned seeing a huge dent over his body.

"A single punch almost destroyed my physical body. How is this possible?"

"Can you stop screaming like a third-rate villain?"

A voice spread across the space as soon as Alex appeared before him with a shriek.

"Damn you, I am gonna kill you even if I have to blast my whole body."

"Sorry, I don't have time for this shit."Alex clicked his tongue and gathered his energy to attack but stopped abruptly sensing something.

His expression was distorted for a moment.

Paimon, whose expression was ugly scanned around after seeing Alex's expression and laughed aloud.

"Hehe! Fool, did you think that I am the only one sent by the Liege? You didn't expect another one, did you."

"Hahahaha!I am gonna get you entangled here while the other heavenly general wreaks havoc there."

Paimon laughed out loud seeing Alex's gloated expression but at the next moment, his eyes widened again feeling a powerful existence that shook him to the core.

Alex's lips curled upwards with a smirk on sensing a familiar presence.

"Rejoice, it seems your disturbance woke up My Queen."


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