The Son Of Ragnar

Chapter 24 The Unknown Threat [R18+]

The rain fell and thunder echoed, it was like the gods were angry. The downpour felt like a flood and the grounds became swampy, Ragnar looked on as the hooded stranger beside him stood still.

"This rain is something else," Ragnar's voice could barely be heard thanks to the heavy downpour but the conversation did not catch on as the hooded individual ignored his attempt at a conversation.

Something was off, the silence felt a bit too loud and he noticed this person had a hand on the hilt of his blade. Ragnar noticed everything, he was no fool when it came to battle and he sensed something was amiss.

The stranger gripped his hilt even tighter and before the minute could unfold, the hooded figure made its move.

​ Swinging his blade swiftly, Ragnar barely avoided it in time by ducking down, it hit the wooden wall behind him. Whoever this was, was at least a warrior and Ragnar instantly linked him to the death of Egil.

If this person was responsible for his death, he had to capture him alive or they might never know the motive or reason for the killing of Egil Iversen and maybe if they could get the right information, a war with Vestfold could be averted.

"You are quite skilled with the sword," Ragnar complimented him, putting some distance between him and the person immediately because he had deduced from that single strike that he was quick.

He got no response from the person, but Ragnar was reluctant to draw his blade because he did not think he needed it against such a person. This was not Ragnar underestimating him, but unarmed he could react much faster to his blows despite his blade giving him the advantage of blocking his strikes.

The enemy noticed this, and this was what motivated him to launch another talk, he ran towards Ragnar and attempted a vertical strike but Ragnar once again dodged it but this time grabbed the wrist of the enemy.

"Who are you?" Ragnar Lothbrok asked him this singular question, but before he could remove the hood to see the face of the man that attacked him, he was headbutted right in the face.

This forced Ragnar to let go of his wrist and stumble backward to regain his balance and when he came to it, the man was no longer there.

He had vanished out of sight, blood dripping down Ragnar's forehead as he looked around without venturing into the rain.

The heavy rain downpour made it impossible for Ragnar, who had little to no tracking skills, to begin with, to follow the shallow depression on the earth as it was soon covered up.

The attempt on the life of Ragnar had failed.


Ulf was in his house, amid the heavy downpour, he was not one to wander about aimlessly and the news of the death of Egil did not reach him for no one had informed him because of his rank in Kattegat. He was not privileged to such information.

"Are you coming to bed, Ulf?" A lady said. Ulf had brought a different lady to warm his bed.

She was a whore from a nearby brothel, and the rain meant she was stuck here until it subsided but Ulf did not enjoy her company outside of sex.

He ignored her call and she knew he did not require her comfort. She turned the other way and went to sleep.

"It is like the gods are angry," Ulf muttered to himself, he had a bad feeling about it. It felt ominous but from afar, he saw Erik the Berserker making his way back into his tent.

"Erik, why did you return?" Ulf asked him but Erik's eyes found the lady rolled up beneath the covers.

"My, my Ulf. Who is that woman in your bed?" Erik's voice was filled with lust and Ulf knew what he wanted even without replying.

"She is a whore," Ulf's voice was disconnected, establishing verbally that he had no emotional connection to her and Erik was free to do as he pleased with her.

"A whore sleeps in your bed? How far has the brother of Ragnar Lothbrok fallen?" Erik tried to get under the skin of Ulf.

"Don't you dare compare me to Ragnar," Ulf fired back with anger oozing, this was apparent from the tone in which the words were said.

"Scary..." Erik responded with a look of amusement, he did not take the threat of Ulf seriously because he could beat him if their blades crossed.

"You are right, I am sorry," Erik said, his tone sounding more mocking than sympathetic.

Ulf appreciated this gesture and nodded in acknowledgment of this apology.

"It was unfair to Ragnar Lothbrok that I mentioned his name in the same sentence as you, you will never be half the man Ragnar is," Erik said but the tone he used was stern and firm. This was not a tease, this was Erik being serious and Ulf swallowed whatever comeback he had in mind because the last thing he wanted was to make Erik mad.𝗇𝚘𝐕𝐞𝗅𝗇𝞮xt.𝓬𝚘𝑚

"I want her, Ulf." This was all Erik said as he climbed into bed with her, she turned around and saw that it was not Ulf but she did not have a problem with his as long as she was paid well.

"It's been a while since I have felt the touch of a woman," Erik said, planting gentle kisses on her neck.

She felt his touches and responded well to them, he was much different from Ulf, it felt like he was about to appreciate every part of her but she could not be more wrong.

Erik picked her up, and positioned her in a doggy-style position, he forcefully pushed her back down so she could take all of him. Erik was big down there and even she was scared despite her occupation.

He held her face against the bed, and slid his big cock inside her, she squirmed and tried to break free but Erik was too strong for her.

She moaned and cried, in pain and pleasure.

"You are tight for a whore. Ulf must have quite the little friend there," Erik teased as he kept ramming his hips into her, momentarily letting go of her head but grabbing her hair soon after.

Pulling it back as his strokes became more violent and her voice got louder.

"Come on Ulf, come shut her up!" Erik encouraged him to join them and Ulf took a deep sigh as he unbuckled his trouser. He had no problem getting hard and gently slid his cock into her mouth to shut her up.

"You're too gentle!" Erik shouted, he noticed Ulf didn't give her his full length and only what he knew she could handle.

A mysterious grin soon crept up on Erik's face, shoving his hips with such force that it sent her forward, inadvertently swallowing the entire dick of Ulf.

The look on Ulf's face was one of ecstasy, she could barely breathe but this singular action had switched something in Ulf's brain.

She tried to come up but held her head in place before thrusting his cock in and out like a man devoid of sanity.

"That's it Ulf! That is how you use whores!" Erik shouted as he too showed no mercy.


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