The Son Of Ragnar

Chapter 28 Erik The Berserker Vs King Asmund!?

๏ปฟErik challenged King Asmund to a duel, this was a foolish move even for him and the injuries he got did not look like they affected him much despite the areas in which they were inflicted.

King Askild was not interested in Signy or taking him hostage, this action showed weakness but he did this to show Asmund what he could potentially lose should a war break out.

This was more of a psychological thing than it was physical but it had the opposite effect.

King Asmund's anger was frightening but not to Askild, Askild was using this opportunity to measure the kind of man his enemy was.

He did not, however, anticipate Erik challenging Asmund because he could not afford to lose a man such as Erik but was Asmund the kind of man to strike down an enemy without mercy?

Askild wanted to know what made Asmund different from him, they claimed he ruled with love but does this mercy extend to his enemies, it would be foolish if it did.

Asmund looked up at Erik, he saw that he was shaking but it was from excitement and also noted his injuries showing that his warriors were capable of wounding him. He was not worth staining his sword with and walked past him.

"Go treat your wound, kid." These words left Asmund's lips, and Askild kept his eyes on him.

These words infuriated Erik and he turned to grab the shoulder of Asmund but met no mass.

"He is fast!" Erik thought and what followed next was an uppercut aimed below his chin to knock him out in one blow. Ragnar and Asger heaved a loud sigh because they expected this outcome but Askild had a different reaction to this.

Smiling, he now knew the single reason Asmund would lose this war, and that was his kind heart. This was a great opportunity to cut down Erik but he instead chose to spare him.

Askild let go of Signy, who ran to his father like a scared child. He had no more use for a host as he walked towards

Despite Asmund's proximity, Askild knew he would not touch him. His principles were far too strong but this was a gamble, but it was as Askild thought.

Picking up Erik, and looking Asmund right in the eyes with a sickening grin. He now understood where Egil inherited his honor, it was from their King. Despite him losing his cool moments ago, he recollected himself with such grace, something that Askild respected.


The meeting went better than expected, Ragnar and Asger quickly took Erik from their King, with Ragnar placing him on the horse he was riding. The blood-soaked ground and the bifurcated corpses caught the attention of Askild but the wounds on Erik showed he still had his bad habits.

He was fighting recklessly without any regard for his own body due to his high endurance and stamina, he had the perfect physique for a warrior.

"Askild...! You bastard. I, King Asmund, declare war on Kattegat!" Asmund said in a resolute voice.

"Vestfold will fall," Askild responded to his declaration and with this, they departed but with one horse less for the horse of Erik was left behind.

"Father! That was the perfect chance to kill King Askild!" Signy shouted, he suddenly found his voice the moment Askild left and Asmund was disappointed that his son was such an easy target.

"He had to take me as a hostage because he could not defeat you in a duel! He also had fewer men!" Signy continued, and it was a shame that these words came with such convictions.

"Are you blind, Signy? Look around you and tell me how many of his men you see laying dead on the ground?" Asmund asked his son and among the dozen bodies, none was that of Askild's men.

Signy confirmed this but it was hard to believe one man did, assuming that this was just an exaggeration from his father.

"Askild did not come to fight, he came to make a statement." Asmund's voice was calm and stern.

"A statement? What statement could he possibly make?" Signy asked in confusion.

"If you wage a war against Kattegat, you will lose your son," Asmund muttered under his breath and Signy's face went pale.

"D-Did he say he was going to kill me?" Signy asked. That confidence he had moments ago now draining with every word that escaped his mouth.๐’๐‘‚๐—๐ž๐‘™๐‘›๐žฎxt.๐•”๐‘œ๐Œ

"He did not have to," Asmund responded in a dismissive tone before gesturing for his warriors to give the fallen honorable send offs.

It was set in stone, war was about to engulf these two Kingdoms.


"Prepare boys, we are going to war," Askild said with a sinister grin, he looked excited to be going to war with Vestfold even more so that he had met him today.

Asger flashed Ragnar a worried look, and Ragnar's face shared this same worry.

"I guess the campaign is off," Asger said what everyone was thinking but it hit Ragnar.

He could not believe it took him this long but with the campaign off, his children's first battle will be a war against Vestfold. They were not ready for a war but he could not take back his promise.

"This is bad," Ragnar muttered to himself, and just then, Erik regained his consciousness.

"Where is that old man!?" Erik shouted but Ragnar did not have the time or energy for a grown man to throw a tantrum and because of this, pushed him off of his horse

"That hurt Ragnar!" Erik screamed but Ragnar's mind was not there. He was worried about his children and Lagertha. They were all going to fight this war and Vestfold had a noticeably skilled warrior. Egil was one of many warriors that were in Vestfold and Asger knew if they were all as skilled as Egil. Kattegat might not win this war with the current military strength Vestfold has shown so far, not without recalling the other warriors that were out on raids and conquests like Asger and Erik respectively.


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