The Son Of Ragnar

Chapter 323 Bargain Honored [R18+]

Eva was welcomed into the abandoned house by the warrior, he had a rather forgettable face and his body was slender, as opposed to the bulky men she was used to seeing making it somewhat hard to believe that this man was truly a warrior. 

But right now, all she needed to do was drain his balls even though the possibility that he would just want to pump and cum was quite high. 

She knew she needed to take her time and make this a memorable experience 

He tried to get rough with her, it was just like she expected. 

"I am not a whore, do not treat me like one and I will give you the best fuck you will ever have…" This was a subtle warning that did not even sound like a threat but it was. 

The man surrendered, he just wanted to bust but for some reason, he saw that Eva was quite enthusiastic to have sex with him.

One would think she would want to get it over with and fast but here she was, wanting to take her time.

The man felt her hand stroke his dick through his loose trousers right before squeezing his balls slightly, catching him to flinch. 

"T-Take it easy…" He whimpered and Eva just smiled. 

Men were not as strong as they thought themselves to be because all it took to get a man to submit was through sex, at that moment Eva felt like she could do anything. 

She pulled down his pants and he had an average sized dick, this brought a sigh of relief because that means her throat would not be bruised. 

The man closed his eyes, anticipating his dick between her lips but that did not come. Rather, Eva had taken one of his balls into her mouth and the sensation it sent through his body nearly made his knees buckle but he stood strong. 

Eva did something strange, she tied a piece of cloth around his balls making the Viking question just what she had in mind as he has never seen nor heard of such a thing.

This was Eva taking complete control of his pleasure as it would be quite difficult for him to cum without her permission with his balls tied in such a manner. 

He did not mind it, it did not hurt after all so what was the worse that could happen?

Eva opened her mouth wife and looked at him dead in the eyes before taking his entire cock into her mouth. 

He winced, he did not expect her to be able to take in his entire length and she did not do it aggressively. 

She took it in very slowly so he could see how his dick disappeared into her mouth. 

"Fuck…" He moaned but Eva knew she was just getting started. 

She allowed his dick stay in her throat for quite sometime, and she could see his balls twitch like it wanted to cum but he could not. 

And then she slowly brought his dick out of her mouth and began stroking it gently.

She could tell that he was in heaven and she knew she would not be caught dead doing this to just any random person as this particular warrior was of use to them so he was an exception. 

She increases the pace at which she was stroking his dick and precum was already leaking out of his peehole. 𝒩𝑜𝒱𝑬𝓵𝞰𝖊xt.𝑐𝔬𝚖

"You are way too good at this!" The man praised Eva but his flattery went over her head. Of course she knew she was good.

"Lay down…" Eva instructed him and he did just that, she was impressed that his dick was this hard. 

It literally felt like it was hard as steel, this was the power of lust. 

She stood above him, she saw just how hungry he was. All men are truly the same.

"Stroke it…" Eva instructed him and without hesitation, the man began to stroke his dick viciously but it did not matter how hard he stroked, there was no cum even though he felt the sensation of ejaculating. 

Eva smiled at him, before lowering her hips, she made sure to turn around so he could enjoy the view of her ass clapping against his dick. 

She devoured that dick and due to its size, it was an easy feat. 

Now was where the work would begin, this was the main treat.

Men were used to fucking fast and finishing, paying no heed to the woman's pleasure and very few men ever allowed their women take charge as they were the "leaders" of the household so how dare they submit to their wives in bed.

The man grabbed her waist, Eva instructed him not to but her pussy felt far too good for him to listen.

Her waist movements were heavenly, she was moving sensually with his dick inside her but that's when the Viking began fucking her from beneath.

He could not bear it, her pussy was not only dripping wet but she knew how to clench it to induce tightness for his average sized dick. 

This man was… good, Eva underestimated him and she found herself enjoying this more than she bargained for as his dick found a way to hit her sweet spots. 

The man soon threw her on all fours and kept pounding away, she could not resist.

All she could do was moan, grabbing her waist to hold her in place as his dick, covered in her juices went in and out of her and during this aggressive pounding.

The cloth she had tied around his balls came loose. 

Eva noticed this and tried to stop this but for someone so skinny, he possessed unnatural physical strength. 

"D-Don't!" Eva warned but this man was far too gone as he pushed her back down so she would truly feel these final strokes and boy, did she feel it. 

She could barely compose her words and every single thing stored up in his balls poured into her. 

The man has the best orgasm of his life right there as he had every intention of breeding Eva. 

Eva found her legs shaking, she could not believe that being filled up excited her enough for her to cum as well. 


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