Unrivaled Medicine God

Chapter 25: Deathmatch

Chapter 25: Deathmatch

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"Have you heard about it? The Yellow Rank’s first ranking from the bottom, the one hailed as the Ten Thousand Years Last Place, Ye Yuan, had just signed a life-and-death contract with someone."

"Of course I’ve heard. Don’t you think that he’s tired of living? However, it’s been over two years since a life-and-death contract had appeared in the academy. This is considered news big enough for everyone to discuss for some time."

"Yeah, it’s been two years and five months now. The previous life-and-death contract was signed by Senior Apprentice Brother Long. Back then, he was also a Yellow Rank student, yet he triumphed against his opponent who was two minor realms higher than him. I’m afraid that back then, nobody would have thought that he could charge to the first place in the Martial Roll of Honor after two years."

"That is true. Senior Apprentice Brother Long didn’t even reveal his abilities completely back then. Ever since he finished off his opponent in that deathmatch, he became unstoppable. charging all the way through into the Heaven Rank, and finally being at the first place in the Martial Roll of Honor. 𝗇𝒪𝑣𝖾𝔩𝑛𝞮xt.𝒸𝒐𝑚

"Hey, do you think that this punk Ye Yuan can also defeat someone stronger than him and finish off his opponent? Rumors have it that this fellow only used a few days to advance two levels, and he actually went straight from the First Level Essence Qi Realm to the Third Level Essence Qi Realm."

"No way! How can he be compared to Senior Apprentice Brother Long? Back then, even though Senior Apprentice Brother Long was low-key, he wasn’t weak to this extent. Advancing two levels at once? Don’t you know that fellow, Ye Yuan, entered the academy through an enormous backdoor? His father is one of the few Alchemy Grandmasters within our State of Qin. With his means, what’s so strange about pulling the shots and helping his son improved by two levels? This sort of advancement is all empty, so what combat power can there be?"

"That is true. I heard that this fellow had already entered the academy for half a year. If he could advance, he would have done so long ago and would not wait till now. Now that I look at it, it is most likely he used a secret technique to raise his strength."

"Hehehe. That fellow really doesn’t know life from death. Supposedly, he competed in neutralizing poison with that Fei Qingping, but he ended up almost poisoned to death. His father is pretty impressive to have been able to save him. Yet he is courting death again right after returning to the academy. Do you think this fellow’s brain is missing a screw?"

The Dan Wu Academy divided strength into four ranks of Heaven, Earth, Black, and Yellow. Ye Yuan and Fei Qingping both belonged in the Yellow Rank.

Initially, the academy’s attention was concentrated mainly on the Heaven Rank. Very few people paid attention to topics pertaining to people of the Yellow Rank. However, after Ye Yuan and Fei Qingping signed the life-and-death contract, it attracted a great deal of attention and became major news in the entire academy.

Even though the academy silently acknowledged the competitions and fights between students, it would not permit any death. There was once a student who relied on his family’s illustrious background and killed somebody in the Dan Wu Academy. The end result was that he was murdered forcefully by the academy, bearing no room for discussion. In the end, that particular noble family did not even dare to make any noise.

But a life-and-death contract was different. The instructors would not make a move no matter who live or die.

In the entire Dan Wu Academy, everyone knew the one in the first place in the Martial Roll of Honor was Long Tang. But not everybody knew the person in the last place was Ye Yuan. However, this life-and-death contract quickly spread Ye Yuan’s reputation, almost reaching Long Tang’s level.

Of course, the majority was like how these two people were discussing, snorting in derision at Ye Yuan’s brain-damaged actions.

Ye Yuan’s rapid improvement in strength was also naturally one of the focal points. But nobody thought that it was something he cultivated out by himself. Everyone felt that it was surely Ye Hang who used some secret technique to pull the shots in order to help it grow, letting him reached the Third Level Essence Qi Realm.

Hence, everyone’s appraisal of Ye Yuan was that he was brain-damaged, foolish, and rushing to meet King Yama.

Just as these two people were discussing, someone suddenly said in a low voice, "Yiii? Look over there. Isn’t that Ye Yuan?"

"That’s him? He doesn’t look like someone who is brain-damaged."

"Sigh. Who would write brain-damaged on their faces?

"That’s true. The deathmatch is three days later. Where is he going instead of making preparations?"

"He probably knows that it’s hopeless to do anything right now. Being at the first place from the bottom, no matter how heaven-defying, he can’t possibly jump ranks to defeat an opponent one level higher than him? I heard that because Fei Qingping is older by two years, he is already at the top 10 in Yellow Rank."

"Something is wrong. The direction he is heading to seems to be the Scripture Library. Is he trying to hug Buddha’s feet in his hour of need?"

"Hehehe. How can Buddha’s leg be that easy to hug? Yiii? He was stopped by someone. That person seemed to be Wan Yuan who just advanced to Earth Rank."

"Oh yeah. You see that girl beside Wan Yuan? Wow. That’s my goddess, Liu Ruoshui. If she will speak even a word to me, I would die happy!"

"Look at your starstruck expression, but yeah, Liu Ruoshui is really beautiful . . ."

. . . . . .

Ye Yuan was about to head to the Scripture Library.

His top-grade predecessor was too prodigious. Everything he heard during classes was all bits and pieces without much useful information. Ye Yuan needed to find some martial techniques to deal with the situation.

Ye Yuan had countless martial techniques on hand, but he truly did not have anything suitable for a person at the Essence Qi Realm to cultivate. With his position in his previous life, how could Essence Qi Realm martial techniques, regardless of how exceptional, enter his eyes?

Who would have thought that he would encounter Wan Yuan on the way to the Scripture Library?

Looks like Wan Yuan was intentionally waiting for him. As for Liu Ruoshui by Wan Yuan’s side, Ye Yuan naturally was not strangers with her. A few days ago, he competed with Fei Qingping precisely because of this woman.

"What a coincidence! Isn’t this Young master Ye? Where are you rushing to so hurriedly? To reincarnate?" Wan Yuan was full of smiles, but his eyes were as if looking at a dead person.

Ye Yuan sneered unceasingly towards Wan Yuan’s impatient mentality. Wan Yuan determined that Ye Yuan was definitely going to be dead this time, so he came in advance to taunt him.

After the deathmatch, Ye Yuan would surely be dead. Where would Wan Yuan go to find this sort of pleasure after this?

Looking at Wan Yuan’s appearance, Ye Yuan no longer hurried towards the Scripture Library. With a smile, he said, "That’s right, to reincarnate. But it’s to send you off for reincarnation."

Hearing this, Wan Yuan laughed out loud and said, "Send me off to reincarnate? Hahaha! I’m standing right here. Send me to reincarnate if you can! You can’t possibly think that just because you cultivated to the Third Level Essence Qi Realm through some unorthodox means, you can challenge me?"

Liu Ruoshui who was by the side also covered her mouth with her hand and chuckled, thinking that Ye Yuan was very amusing.

This Liu Ruoshui’s every action carried a trace of seductive charm, able to stir that desire lying in every man’s heart. The male students in the Dan Wu Academy were all hot-blooded youths. If their willpower were not steadfast, how could they withstand this sort of natural seductive charm?

His predecessor was only a very foolish and naive child. His strength was also weak to the extreme. How could he withstand Liu Ruoshui’s charms?

Back then, Liu Ruoshui was by his side, behaving neither friendly nor aloof for a period of time, and his predecessor completely fell for it. Afterward, Liu Ruoshui used a few small tricks, and his predecessor got hooked obediently, losing his life just like that.

"Senior Apprentice Brother Wan, this Junior Apprentice Brother Ye is an interesting man. He’s clearly a miserable wretch, yet he tries to learn from others like a toad lusting after a swan. His strength is clearly poor, yet he wants to slap his face until it’s swollen to look impressive. He’s about to duel with someone, yet he is even threatening you now. Don’t you think it is funny?" Liu Ruoshui was beautiful like a flower, yet her words were bitterly sarcastic.

In order to hook Ye Yuan in the past, she naturally had to pretend to be weak and pitiful. Now that Ye Yuan was about to duel with Fei Qingping, he was already a dead man. So she no longer needed to humor Ye Yuan. She fully expressed out the contempt and condescension in her heart.


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