Villain: The Play of Destiny

Chapter 316 316

"I am taller..."

Keith smiled at her words and nodded his head.

"Yes, you are 5'10" right now. And will likely cross the 6' mark in the coming few years."

"What?" Ayesha's eyes widened in the mirror as they turned to look at him.

"Don't worry. It's normal." He shrugged.

"I don't think so." She kept looking at him in disbelief. "And why am I..." She stopped whatever she was about to say and turned to look at the door, and it was the same for Nana, who was inspecting herself in the mirror as well.

The two of them heard someone approaching, and sure enough, a few seconds later, a knock came on the door before someone entered the room.

"You are up!" Celine excitedly smiled. "Come, everyone's waiting for you in the lounge and breakfast is ready..." She trailed off when the realisation finally hit her, and then she kept staring and scrutinising Nana and Ayesha.

Keith had to hold back his chuckles when Celine approached Nana and stood next to her, trying to clear her doubt.

"You got taller? Overnight?" She confusedly asked as she remembered that Nana and she were of the same height, and then when she looked at Ayesha, who used to be only an inch taller than her, but now was just as tall as Kiara, she pouted. "You too!"

And what followed after was how she carefully checked the two ladies and kept sighing at how beautiful they looked, which made both Ayesha and Nana blush and nervously glance at Keith from time to time.

"What did you do to them?" Celine finally looked at Keith for an answer.

"I killed their humanity." He grinned at her and then grabbed her hand "What's for breakfast?"

"Kiara prepared your favourites." She happily informed him and then pulled him down by the collar to plant a kiss on his cheek. She had to do it every time since Keith was a foot taller than her.

"Let's go!"

Celine grabbed his hand and then led him out, but she did turn to look around the room which uses to be empty but now was filled with all sorts of wooden furniture, equipment, and dummies.

"How did your training go?" She curiously asked Nana and Ayesha, who were following them, and could not help but once again notice the difference in their heights and their seemingly enhanced beauty.

"It was fine." Nana lowered her head and blushed a little, and Ayesha did not dare to look at Celine and simply nodded her head.

"We have entered the Middle-Stage of Great Profound Realm..."

"Peak." Keith cut her off and Ayesha confusedly looked at him. "You are now at the Peak of Great Profound Realm."


Both of them immediately checked the situation of their body and Aura, and they could not help but feel that they were way more powerful than they used to be.

"Congratulations!" Celine happily congratulated them, and it was only then that a wave of happiness washed over the two, who jumped on Keith and planted a kiss on either side of his face.

Their actions made the grey-eyed lady giggle, but the two girls soon blushed as their minds drifted off to everything they did yesterday.

"You're welcome." Keith accepted their thanks and then entered the lounge where the family was waiting for them.

Celine, being the ever so vocal, happily informed everyone about the progress Ayesha and Nana had made in Cultivation, but the ladies were more focused on the two girls' physical changes, which roused a lot of questions in their minds.

Thankfully, unlike what Keith had expected, no one raised any questions or asked him about it. They just inspected their friends and then happily started chatting with them, curiously asking them the details of their trianing.

And of course, when they sensed that they had done a lot more than just training, they did not give up on the chance to pull their legs and make them feel bashful.

"Rebecca and Amy are at the office?" Keith guessed the reason behind their absence in the Manor.

"Yes." Qingyue nodded to him. "Amy took Zoey with her." She informed him.

"I have to go." Nana panicked a little after hearing those words and she immediately checked her phone.

She was supposed to join Amelia today at the office as they were making final preparations for Noxville's Opening Ceremony, and some of the esteemed guests had already arrived and were being hosted at their Hotels in Noxville.

"Amy said that you can come after breakfast." Qingyue smiled at her and assured her, which calmed her down a little. I think you should take a look at

Nana had grown into a very responsible secretary, and she was very diligent about her work. Since Keith had been gone and pretty much handed over the reigns of the business to Amelia and Rebecca, she had been serving as the former's secretary, and though she missed Keith a lot in the office, she quite liked working with his wife as well.

"Caesar came to see me early in the morning." Venessa suddenly grabbed everyone's attention and Keith curiously looked at her. "May will be retiring after Noxville's Opening Ceremony and will be joining Father and Caesar on their tour."

"And has Grandma made a decision?" He smiled and asked.

"She's still not going." Venessa shook her head. "She quite likes it at home and being around the girls."

"I know." He chuckled and then got up from the couch, holding Qingyue's hand. "Let's go. We are famished." He painfully said, and both Nana and Ayesha burned in a blush at his words.

Inside the dining room, Kiara and Alana were helping set the table with the maids, and as soon as the two girls saw him entering the room, they excitedly smiled at him.

"We prepared your favourites!" Kiara informed him.

"Thank you." He walked over to her and gave her an affectionate kiss on her forehead, and then much to Alana's glee, kissed her on the forehead too. "You should have brought Yexuan with you. I am sure he's been missing you since you have been gone for weeks now. It's summer Holidays anyway."

Alana giggled at his words and nodded her head.

"I asked him, but he was very adamant about not coming." She told him. "He wants to focus on the Entrance Test for the Magic University, and has been working very hard for it."

"I see." He nodded his head, smiling in his heart ad he knew exactly what Yexuan was focusing on right now.

"But he does call me every night, so yes, my little brother is indeed missing me." Alana giggled some more, and a few girls joined in as well, but Kiara was not one of them.

She was quite close to Rebecca, and Keith guessed that his blonde wife had informed her about her observations regarding Yexuan, and his interest in his adopted older sister.

And the moment their eyes met and Kiara smiled at him, Keith knew that he had guessed right.

"Has he found a girlfriend yet?" He casually asked, and Alana sighed at his words.

"He has not." She shook her head. "He has not been interested in making friends either. But there is this one girl who likes him, and it shows as she takes care of him a lot despite him telling her off a few times."

"She must be your fan." Kiara giggled, and Alana laughed at her words.

"She is. Maybe that's why Yexuan does not appreciate her feelings. He is not exactly comfortable with me being famous and in the Music Industry."

"Is that so?" Keith inquisitively raised his brow.

"Don't misunderstand. He's very happy with my success, but he does not hold the people of the Showbiz Industry in high regard."

"Neither do you." He pointed out, and in the heat of the moment, she stuck her tongue out at him, which promoted everyone to laugh at her action.

"Kiara's rubbed off on you!" Celine giggled, and Alana embarrassedly lowered her head.

"No one has bothered you, have they?" Keith gently asked.

"No." Alana smiled and shook her head.

She was forever grateful to him for how he shielded her from the darkness of the Showbiz Industry, and she knew that if she did not have him in her life, she would have ruined herself too just like all those vain girls who had big dreams before they entered the industry.

And even the people who envied her had to be very respectful of her, all because they understood that she was not the girl they could indulge in their petty games as they would have to face the consequences they could not afford.

It was a form of Power to have people show respect to you even if they held ill will in their hearts. And Alana had been basking in this Power for years now, having gotten so used to it that she could not imagine her life without it.

This was what Rebecca had meant when she had told Keith that he had ruined Alana for any other man. There was no way she could imagine being with another man after the life he had provided for her in the last few years.

Her heart was indebted to him, and she was only grateful to him.

"Want to rehearse your new song with me later?" He suddenly said, exciting everyone at the table, but Alana was the one who smiled the brightest.

"Yes!" She happily nodded her head.


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